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Welcome to LaunchPad Digital Community

A community for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to #GrowFaster


Founded by Mike Midgley an entrepreneur who is passionate about
'Incubating success at every level of personal and professional life'.

For over 26+ years I've done the hard yards, started, scaled and exited businesses achieving two six and seven-figure exits, all my successes and failures [translated back to learning experiences] has brought me to today.

I'm building the Growth Engine Community to attract and bring together like-minded Entrepreneurial Business Owners and Leaders who are serious about high growth, ones looking to learn from and contribute to a community they call home regardless of where they are around the world.

Why You Should Join Us

Here’s a quick introduction to all the awesome things you receive as a member of the GrowthEngine Community.

We aim to offer members five simple things:

  1. Be part of a community of like-minded high growth entrepreneurs and leaders
  2. Access exclusive content and conversations that you can’t find in mainstream public groups.

  3. Support to assist you to make better, more well-informed business decisions 

  4. Get excited about sharing and exchanging stories, experiences & ideas

  5. Associate and call this community home, along with finding inspiration so you can be your best.

Your Time Investment

Our community is FREE to join, however, requires an investment of your time, we feel this is a far greater price to pay than a nominal monthly subscription. Plus if you contribute and receive value in return, you will stick around.

The community is however only open to entrepreneurial business owners and senior leaders who are serious about contributing and assisting others in the community to help each other #GrowFaster. 

Get started today, and if you start to enjoy the community and it is providing you value, as an open disclosure inside there are paid private groups which are totally optional and you can choose to join if they are relevant to what you need in your journey.

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