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The Noise

Come inside to our private virtual room...

... and Join LaunchPad

A Community for Entrepreneurs and Leaders who want their business to #GrowFaster

Finally, enjoy commonsense conversations, support and RevOps learning with your peers (And give yourself a break from the bilge, bile and baloney being spread daily on social media)

Are you tired of all that ‘noise’ on social media?

The fake news. The false information. The ego-trippers. The ‘share-anything-just-for-the-sake-of-it’ crowd. The well-meaning ‘know-nothings’.  The self-proclaimed gurus. 

Not to mention the mindless trolling.

If you’ve been wondering if there’s an online space away from all that hullabaloo and hubbub - we’ve been expecting you.

LaunchPad is the forever free digital community designed for growth-focused entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders.

A place to learn, share, and mingle. A place to get the support you need and help others. A place to have meaningful conversations with your peers about challenges, strategy and solutions like RevOps.

You’re Not Alone in Facing the
Challenges of Achieving
Sustainable Business Growth

There’s no disguising it. 

Business growth presents organisations with many tough and tricky challenges.

For starters, we live in an uncertain world. 

Against that backdrop, organisations want to maintain a dynamic growth strategy: Deliver ROI with positive profitability yet minimise risk. Develop agility yet build resilience and contingency. Create flexibility yet stay robust.

That’s no walk in the park.

But the challenges don’t end there...

You’re looking to get a deeper understanding of your customers’ changing needs so you can deliver more personalisation, customisation and WOW in your brand experience.

How do you align your stakeholders? How do you align marketing and sales for faster, better sales? How do you improve your systems, processes and people? 

How do you get hybrid working and remote working to work? Recruit and keep top talent? Create and maintain a culture of success?

So much to get right.

And you may be exploring ways to accelerate digital transformation, embrace AI and make better use of data.

Inside LaunchPad you can share visions, challenges, questions, learning, experiences and solutions with people who understand what it’s like to
being you.

Launchpad is Different

Here are 12 Good Reasons for You to Join LaunchPad offers all its members the following:

1. FREE Forever - Membership of the LaunchPad digital community will ALWAYS be free. No monthly fees. No annual subscription. Ever.

2. Private Space for Leaders - Be part of a vibrant community of high growth entrepreneurs and business leaders. A place for grown-up conversations about growing your business.

3. A Guru-Free Zone - LaunchPad is your calm oasis away from the barren desert of social media ‘noise’. No gurus. No trolls. No pictures of meals we’re having at home. The focus is on helping you grow.

4. Peer Learning - The community is a safe place for leaders to share their knowledge and experiences, ask questions and exchange stories. Learn from your peers. Help your peers.

5. Exclusive Content - LaunchPad gives you access to reliable content you won’t find in mainstream public groups. It’s definitely the place to be if you are seeking expert information about the Inbound Methodology and RevOps for Growth.

6. Free Training - Learn with LaunchPad. You’ll have access to free training and free courses on topics and technology to help your business grow. No catches. Just great learning.

7. Support and Resources - The community is here to support and help you make better, more well-informed business decisions. It’s all part of your free membership.

8. Specialism in RevOps  - Within LaunchPad you will find specialists in the inbound methodology and RevOps Growth strategies. A great place to explore the possibilities.

9. Spam-Free - We’re not big on having tons of rules. But we do guarantee ALL members that inside the community there is (a) NO spamming and (b) NO selling. This is a space for sharing, learning and support.

10. Paid Offers - Just to be clear, membership of LaunchPad is free forever. In addition to that, you may find us sharing some opportunities for you to get extra value through relevant paid offers. These offers are 100% optional. You take a look. You decide.

11. Ambassador Rewards - Join LaunchPad, start referring others to the community and be rewarded for being one of our Ambassadors - from T-shirts to a consult, from coaching to 20% off paid courses.

12. Flexibility - Join when you want. Leave when you want. (Naturally, we hope you will stay the course)

Like the look, sound and feel of that?

Tackle Those Nagging Growth Challenges With the Help of Your Community

LaunchPad is a place to ask questions and find answers around business growth.

You may hear us talking about RevOps a fair bit within those conversations because it provides a smart way to achieve scale.

Get the conversation started on how to:

  • Align Marketing, Sales and Client Service for higher performance
  • Accelerate growth and achieve profitable, sustainable scaling
  • Serve prospects and customers better, speeding up the sales cycle
  • Unite teams around shared revenue goals
  • Improve communications and collaboration
  • Streamline processes across the organisation
  • Simplify platforms to get the tech ‘talking’ and improving automation
  • Access better quality data for more informed decision-making
  • Optimise results through the entire customer life cycle
  • Create more customers, keep more customers happy
  • Achieve Higher win rates, lower churn rates
  • Deliver more predictable revenue and performance

You can be assured of some commonsense suggestions, strong opinions and creative ideas in return.

What kind of people will you find inside LaunchPad?

You’ll be among your peers.

Ours is a community for entrepreneurial business owners and senior leaders. Think C-suite.

People like the ambitious CEO, visionary CMO or go-getting CRO. The astute CFO and the dynamic COO. The smarter CIO and genius CTO.

The Community also welcomes senior sales and marketing managers (we find they tend to have a bit to say about the world).

And, of course, you’ll find members of the 6teen30 Digital here, too - specialists in RevOps growth ready to share and support you along the way.

... And We Want to Keep it
That Way for You

LaunchPad is about community, contribution and courtesy. It’s why we have a couple of simple rules:

Rule #1 - NO Selling.

Rule #2 - NO spamming.

This Community is about connection, relationships and trust. It’s not the place to be promoting your products and services, or hassling other members.

This community is about sharing and exchanging experiences, stories and ideas - so members can help each other with their business and growth challenges.

If you’re just looking for another online community to add to your list without contributing anything, then LaunchPad probably isn’t the right one for you.

We firmly believe that you get out what you put in.

As a member of LaunchPad, you are more likely the type of person who starts a conversation thread. Starts asking a question. Starts offering suggestions. Starts helping others.

LaunchPad is for education, inspiration and support - both moral and practical.

Who’s behind LaunchPad?

LaunchPad was founded by Mike Midgley, CEO of 6teen30 Digital - a RevOps Growth specialist.

Here’s the vision and mission behind this Community.

Mike knows what it is like to be in the business trenches. 

In a career spanning 26+ years, he has started and scaled businesses. Exited businesses, achieving two six and seven-figure exits. Enjoyed success and endured failures.

All that experience is today poured into “incubating success at every level of personal and professional life”.

Mike said: ”I’m building the LaunchPad Community to attract and bring together like-minded entrepreneurial business owners and leaders who are serious about high growth. Business owners and leaders looking to learn from - and contribute to - a community they call home, regardless of where they are around the world.”

Introduce Others to LaunchPad and
Get Rewarded

If you like LaunchPad you can introduce other business owners and leaders to the community.

And we will reward you for doing so through our Ambassador program.

There are three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Rewards include a branded T-Shirt and SWAG, a 1:1 consult with Mike Midgely, business feature promotion, 3 months coaching with Mike and a 20% discount on all courses.

Another benefit of being part of this free community.

Get Lift-Off with LaunchPad

LaunchPad is about helping you and your business grow.

A community designed to help you get lift-off and achieve a rocket-powered revenue boost.

It’s free to join. Forever.

It’s a private, safe and secure online space away from the noise and hullabaloo of mainstream social channels.

It’s a place of sharing - experiences, challenges, conversations, stories and ideas.

It’s a place for contribution. Members help you. You help other members.

It’s an opportunity for learning, from your peers and from the
6teen30 Digital team.

We want every member to have the success they deserve.

Join today and begin your journey to higher growth.

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